"The presence of community renders us happy. St. Paul taught us to not proceed next to each other, but together. Jesus tells us that in some way we have to hate our life: activities, associations, groups… in order to make us understand that our life is not just for us, that if we want it just for ourselves, we won’t find it but lose it. Life is not receiving, it is giving ourselves. If we don’t give ourselves to others, we can’t receive.
The experience of the Europassion constantly lets us experience a so far unexplored pathway, so that we can continue to grow.Surmounting a self-referred vision of our own experience obligates us to confront a regional, national, European and universal horizon. That is why a new vision, not fragmentary, is necessary. Unity doesn’t mean uniformity. A spiritual energy, stronger and more attentive to cultural elaboration, a more evident solidarity in order to be recognised as bearers of hope, to help the people and communities grow.The publication of this book is precious for our relationships. Everyone has contributed to its realisation and everybody will benefit from it."Mons. Fausto PanfiliChaplain of the Europassion"




Mons. Fausto Panfili
Chaplain of the Europassion